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Colony TV Show Outfits

There’s no denying that the science fiction genre has become the leading genre for films and shows across the globe. After all, it is the genre that is watched the most by people for its fascinating storylines. It might just be the most popular genre currently, with all the directors and producers going in the direction where sci-fi is. It has mainly grown in recent times due to people enjoying seeing stories that have no connection with the real world. The plots of this genre go above and beyond the realm of creativity, possibility, and imagination. Most shows are starting to feature storylines in this genre, but the one series that does it better than anyone is Colony. Today we will take a look inside Colony’s story in this blog. We will also talk about some outfits that the cast wore, so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

The Storyline of Colony 

The story of the Colony revolves around the Bowman family and their struggle. Their lives get turned upside down due to the events that take place in Los Angeles, California. in the not-too-distant future. The events are caused due to the intrusion of an alien force. The outsiders arrive on earth unwelcomed and uninvited and settled in Los Angeles, causing the city to go into a walled settlement. They occupied the whole city, which has caused a rift among the residents of the city. Some families choose to cooperate with the aliens for the benefit that the new order brings them. At the same time, others opposed the new order and rebelled against it. The ones that chose to rebel suffered a deadly consequence due to the choice they made. Will Bowman, who is a former FBI agent, goes looking for his lost son, Bram. 

Will goes searching for him along with his wife, Katie. Bram was separated from them during the invasion. Proxy Alan Snyder, who is a manipulative and powerful leader within the occupational government, realised the family’s struggle. He wants to take advantage of the situation by offering Will a chance to get Bram back if he works with the invading faction. The decision of Will does not sit well with his wife. Will and Katie together risk everything and put their life on the line in order to find their son. They are willing to go as far as testing the limits of their relationship in order to protect their family. The couple is willing to do whatever it takes so that they can reunite with Bram once again. And among their personal struggles, they want to restore the order and help bring freedom back to the people of the city. 

Graham Mctavish Colony Andrew MacGregor Event Blazer front
Graham Mctavish Colony Andrew MacGregor Event Blazer front

Getting To Know Colony

The Colony became a possibility due to the brilliant work of its two creators, including Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal. These two used their craft to the maximum and put their visionary mind into the creation of this show. Their dedication and commitment to bringing this show to life were undeniable. They have spiced things up by mixing different genres into one package. They have added different elements like action, adventure, and drama into the science fiction genre. As a result of this, it has doubled the fun and made the show even more exciting to watch. These combinations add a flare and set the dystopia and apocalyptic tone of Colony nicely. Apart from the two creators, each and every member of the whole crew gave it all for the making of this show. 

The amazing work of the whole team of Colony behind the screen has resulted in a great show. The performances of the cast, including both males and females, were also important for the development of this show. Their great acting has made Colony a sensational show. The fans can watch Colony over and over again from the first episode for the rest of their lives. The Colony became an instant hit when it premiered on January 14, 2016. Colony stars Josh Holloway as Will Bowman and Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman. The show successfully ran for three seasons before it was cancelled on July 21, 2018. The Colony was critically acclaimed and praised for its production, cinematography, and plot. 

The Fashion Statement of The Show 

Fans and viewers are in adoration with the outfits that the cast of Colony wore. The colony has managed to showcase some of the best outfits we have ever seen despite being a science fiction show. They got great outfit ideas from Colony. With the wide range of Colony TV Series Outfits, anyone can be impressed by them. And the credit for achieving that feat must go to the team of costume designers for the show. There were many costume designers of Colony throughout its three seasons. While we cannot name them all, we will mention a few of them. Some of the many costume designers of Colony include Kelly DeVisser, Stanley Moore, Kelly DeVisser, and Nancy Malone. Dominique Olowolafe, Chelsea Robbins, Jennifer Christenson, Nicole Bairstow, and Meagan Smith were also among the costume designers of Colony. The outfits that the whole team designed were perfect from top to bottom.

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