Elite is a Spanish-language Netflix series created to take your breath away with each season. This show brought a gripping plot, and now, as we had some eavesdrops, it made us realize, soon, there will be another brand new season of the Elite. The consistent six seasons were absorbing, even though most shows on Netflix could not hold the viewers for too long. The Elite, as a  prolonged show, must go on to join the Netflix show Orange is the New Black. As the news making rounds on social media of Elite season 7 is coming out. We are holding our horses quite patiently to show our excitement any time soon. Until we discuss what season 7 is all about, let’s have a throwback to previous seasons.

A Recap To Elite Season One:

The Elite opening scene aired on October 5, 2018, and consisted of eight episodes. The storyline revolved around the three working-class students enrolling in a posh high school called Las Encinas. Samuel, Nadia, and Christian were given a scholarship by a construction company after the collapse of their previous school to complete their junior year in Las Encinas, a private school in Madrid, Spain. When the trio gets involved with the high class, their clashes and conflicts lead to a murder. The rest of the episodes were about finding the assassin, and the plot goes on unraveling each suspect.

Yet in the season finale, we got the murderer who was polo to prove that he was not a toy of Carla and still is the best partner. He killed Marina in a bid, but even after the murder, it did not turn out as it should have. When the couple got apart at Marina’s funeral, Carla stepped away from him to keep him safe.

Elite Season Two With Samuel Went Missing

The crime of polo was revealed at the end of season one, and the separation between Carla and polo left everyone on a spur-of-the-moment. The second season came out on 6 September 2019. This season was written even before the release of season 1. The major event that took place in this season was Samuel going missing. Also, viewers thought Samuel might have been assassinated, yet the hunch of his disappearance connected to the murder of Marina in season 1 was not going away quickly. Carla was involved in a throuple with Polo and Christian, but both who knew about the murder were trying their best to conceal the truth.

In all this going on, Samuel planned to trap Carla into confessing about the plan, but ended up catching feelings for one another. Even with the emotions and all, Samuel did not drop his dream and went to hide himself from Guzman’s grandparents. This made Carla confess the truth since she felt like Samuel was killed because of getting closer to the assaulter, and his plan worked out. Polo got arrested by the police, but it did not last for long because there was not enough evidence to convict him. He was bailed out and drove everyone crazy, as the school now knows about the truth of polo. 

A result of the covert revelation. 

Polo’s secret strains Samuel, Carla, Ander, and Omar’s relationships, prompting them to break up. Despite Ander’s cheating, they seemed to reconcile at the season’s finale. Guzmán discontinued his friendship with Ander because he knew about what polo did. Season 2 features new characters, such as Cayetana, who pretends to be wealthy while concealing a murder weapon to save her new lover. Valerio’s sex tape of Nadia and Guzmán may change Nadia’s life. Season 2 left us on the verge of wanting more to watch.

How Come An Assaulter Got Killed?

In season 3 of Elite, several significant events unfolded, adding more twists and turns to the gripping storyline. This season was released on Netflix on 13 March 2020 and was the most anticipated season. One significant event was the murder investigation that already shook Las Encinas; now, the students were entangled in yet another mysterious death of Polo. We saw too many snippets throughout the season about how Polo falls from the glass wall, and the murderer remained unveiled until the very end of this season and delved more, plunging into the complex relationships between the characters, with secrets being revealed and alliances being tested, ultimately leading to unexpected consequences for everyone involved. Lu has always been a supportive friend to her peers but eventually unraveled as a second elite killer; who would have expected her to end up as an assassin?

This made no sense to many viewers since Polo and Lu did not share much screen time. And she always seemed to focus on her study goals. In the end, Nadia won the scholarship and split the winning prize with her best friend Lu since they both worked hard to achieve it. Despite being a killer, Lu fled to America with Nadia, and Polo’s assassination was anointed suicide. Polo never said he was ready to confess to the murder.

Season 4 Bringing Back To The School Of Elites.

Season 4 of the Netflix show “Elite” was released on 18 June 2021. This season continues to captivate audiences with its thrilling narrative and complex characters. The season picks up after the shocking events of the previous season as the students of Las Encinas navigate a new murder mystery that rocks their prestigious school. With a farewell to some of the old casts and beginning with a new principal, tensions rise, secrets unravel, alliances are tested, and unexpected romances blossom, Samuel being Samuel always looking for his new love in each season, this time, fell for a newcomer Ari who was previously dating guzman. With its compelling plot twists and stellar performances, there came a moment when Guzman caught himself under the anxiety and depression attacks from the moment he killed Armando—leaving viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Who Died In Season 5?

Season 5 of the Netflix show Elite was aired on 8 April 2022. The story continues to revolve around the students of Las Encinas, an exclusive private school in Spain. With new characters joining the mix, tensions rise as another most shocking murder mystery unfolds; in episode 4, viewers recognize that one of the main characters, Samuel’s dead body, all covered in blood, was found in a pool, which leaves the whole school questioning their loyalties and revealing dark secrets. Benjamin asked Samuel to meet face to face and went into deep shock when he saw Samuel’s body floating in the pool, and Patrick unexpectedly witnessed this scene. Additionally, this season explores deeper themes of class divide, power struggles, and the consequences of past actions, making it a thrilling and intense watch for fans of the series.

Who Was The Murderer In Season 6?

The Netflix series Elite included Cruz Carvalho as a significant character in its fifth and sixth seasons. He is a football player from Portugal. Carloto Cotta plays the part of him. The Las Encinas students struggle through the obstacles and post-traumas. They navigate through friendship, hatred, and romance. Since a lot was going on, Ivan’s father, Cruz, got killed after he came out as gay, and his personal life became a national debate. We got to see the small moments of the car accident but didn’t realize it was Cruz, as the first guess was who would kill Ivan just for the hate crime against his father. Some hints indicated that Ari could be the possible murderer of Ivan’s father, Cruz; with all the doubts, season 6  left a huge room to anticipate for season 7.

Netflix renewed the show for a sixth season in October 2021, and it premiered on November 18, 2022.

The Seventh Season Of ELITE Will Premiere When?

The facts we know till now about Elite and the plot twists it has to offer with each season are the four significant killings of Marina, Polo, Armando, Samuel, and Cruz. With so much going on around the students of Las Encinas navigating their lives with all warming friendships, love-life intimacy, and murder mysteries, there has to be an ending for every mess. With the same chaos, this season will continue right where we left off in season 6. Since Netflix announced the renewal of season 7, viewers have eagerly anticipated its release. According to the announcement, new faces, crime, and mysteries will unfold; season 7 of Elite is set to air on October 20, 2023.

Omar Ayuso Goes Under Therapy.

Omar returns to Las Encinas, still devastated by Samuel’s death. Joel has been his steadfast support throughout everything that has transpired, but it is unclear whether this will be sufficient to face the demons of the past. As we all noticed, his personality became vengeful and easily frustrated in season 5. Before that, His character’s transformation occurred because of the traumatic events at school and the acceptance of being gay. Omar was once a caring person, but after Ander, he has developed into more of an ill-disposed person. Due to his sorrow over Samuel’s passing, Omar seeks treatment, and thanks to an internship, Omar decides to go back to the school where it all began after realizing that he needs to face his history; through Omar’s life, we are going to witness the battles of other pupils at the Las Encinas.

Everyone has a lot on their plate to deal with. The past traumas, adjustments in relationships, and current life struggles. This season is all set to bring out mental health issues, and turning over a new leaf might help settle everything down.

The Cast Of Elite Season 7

André Lamoglia, Valentina Zenere, Ana Bokesa, Alvaro de Juana, Ander Puig, and more actors may be found in the Spanish young adult series cast. New actors will also appear in Elite Season 7. Mirela Bali, Maribel Verd, Gleb Abrosimov, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Fernando Lndez, and Anitta are among them. Omar Ayuso, the most beloved character of the series from seasons 1 to 5, is now recurring back in season 7.


So far, you have read the summary of each season and probably found this article captivating and helpful before watching the latest season 7 of Elite. The murder mysteries have not come to an end yet. However, The struggle for love and friendship is becoming more crucial now. It’s not easy for the students of Las Encinas to survive the vengeance and suffer with post-traumas. With all the scandalous and riveting script, season seven of Elite is ready to give you a thought-provoking time. This upcoming season 7 is going to be more fierce than ever before. If you still have not paid for your Netflix subscription, do it now, as October will be here within a fraction of a second.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes are there in each season of Elite?

There is always a constant streak of eight episodes in each season.

Where can we watch the streaming of Elite Season 7?

It will be available on Netflix like all the other seasons

What is the release date of Elite Season 7? 

As per the announcement, season 7 is set to air on October 20, 2023

Who are the new faces of the Elite season 7?

CHLOE (Mirela Balić), CARMEN (Maribel Verdú), ERIC (Gleb Abrosimov), MARTÍN (Leonardo Sbaraglia), JOEL (Fernando Líndez), OMAR (Omar Ayuso)

Will there be old cast members, too, in season seven Elite?

Iván (André Lamoglia), Isadora (Valentina Zenere), Rocío (Ana Bokesa), Dídac (Álvaro de Juana), Nico (Ander Puig), Sonia (Nadia Al Saidi), Raúl (Álex Pastrana), and Sara (Carmen Arrufat), among others, will return in this new season of Elite and will uplift the show as they did before. 

Will there be an eighth season of Elite?

Elite, a famous Spanish television program on Netflix, has been renewed for another season. According to Netflix, Elite Season 8 will begin filming in August.

How many seasons are confirmed for the Elite?

There will be over eight seasons of Elite, as confirmed by Netflix, which will be the final call of the show.