Facts about Ncuti Gatwa that you should know

Facts about Ncuti Gatwa

The ongoing fame and unbreakable records of Barbie (2023) are appalling. This wave is not going away anytime soon. From TikTok to Instagram and X (previous Twitter), everyone has disguised themselves as Barbie and Ken. Ncuti Gatwa played the role of a neutral Ken in this movie and made a very noticeable appearance with his character, acting skills, and unexpected ways of styling. Ncuti Gatwa is generally known for his significant roles in Netflix shows Sex Education, Barbie, Doctor Who, and the last letter from his lover. There is more to his rising career, as he consecutively won three BAFTA awards. The actor Ncuti Gatwa has been a very successful professional if we seek out the list of all the directors he has collaborated with throughout his career. Gatwa’s fanbase increased dramatically due to his current shows’ widespread success.

The art that artists create never ends. It keeps expanding with highs and lows, but each moment appreciated is how they get paid.

Who is Ncuti Gatwa, exactly?

Let’s delve deeper into information about Gatwa and how he became what he is today.

Born in Rwanda in 1992, Gatwa grew up in Scotland; his father, journalist Tharcisse Gatwa, is a native of Rwanda’s Karongi District and holds a PhD in theology. He was a young boy when his family fled Rwanda during the genocide and settled in Scotland. Ncuti Gatwa attended various schools before studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Acting in 2013 and received an honorary doctorate in 2022. In January 2019, he was highlighted in a publication by Teen Vogue. Gatwa appeared in the 2014 TV miniseries Bob Servant, one of his first acting roles. He struggled considerably to build a sparkling career because he was homeless for five months before casting in sex education. The peak of his career started to make a mark in history when he became the first actor to play the Doctor in Doctor Who despite being born outside of the UK.

As the audience is curious about his personal life, they want to know whether Gatwa is straight. Yet Gatwa never came out publicly, and people are pretty interested in learning more about him; he made a statement recently that he preferred not to say for the interview with Elle (magazine)

A few highlights in NCUTI’s life include:

Gatwa performed in plays including Victoria and Bob Servant after graduating from Dundee Repertory Theatre. At the Ian Charleson Awards, he got a Commendation for his work in Romeo and Juliet Home.

He had a cameo appearance in the 2015 miniseries Stonemouth, based on the 2012 bestseller novel of the same name. He appeared in the Kneehigh Theatre’s production of 946 in the same year.

Gatwa portrayed Demetrius in Emma Rice’s 2016 Shakespeare’s Globe production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The high-budget World War II drama Masters of the Air on Apple TV will also feature Ncuti Gatwa as a lead alongside Barry Keoghan and Austin Butler.

He received numerous awards, including three nominations for the Best Male Comedy Performance at the BAFTA Television Awards, one each in 2020, 2021, and 2022. He also won the BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Actor in Television in 2020.

Gatwa as a ken

Gatwas first audition for Barbie didn’t turn out the way Greta wanted, but he has something in mind regarding Gatwa as a Ken. Also, the central stereotypes of Barbie and Ken have been played by Ryan Gosling and Margot Robie, but the other Barbies and Ken in the movie have no less significance. Talking about other kens, the essence of Ncuti Gatwa could not be ignored. The character of Ncuti Gatwa in Barbie 2023 is a refreshing addition to the franchise. Known for his breakout role in some hit series, Gatwa brings a unique charm and charisma to the character, adding depth and relatability to Barbie’s world. He possesses outstanding acting abilities and an undeniable presence on screen. He has exceptional acting skills and an undeniable presence on screen. Gatwa’s portrayal of Ken in Barbie 2023 will surely captivate audiences of all ages. In addition, Gatwa admitted that the first two weeks of the Barbie shoot were nerve-wracking, but he added, “I noticed that it was also the most kind, empathetic set I’ve ever been on.”

The story of artist Ken in Barbie takes an exciting turn as he embarks on a new artistic journey. With his paintbrush in hand and a heart full of passion, Ken explores various art forms, pushing the boundaries of creativity. From experimenting with vibrant colors to delving into abstract concepts, he strives to express his unique perspective on the world through his artwork. As he gains recognition for his innovative approach, Ken’s art becomes a symbol of inspiration and captivates audiences worldwide. Gatwa’s character as Ken has so much to offer, and the rest you can find by watching the movie because Barbie 2023 is currently streaming in cinemas. Get your seats booked, and catch this flick.

Eric Effiong in Sex Education.

Ncuti Gatwa is a talented actor known for his role in the hit series “Sex Education.” His portrayal of Eric Effiong, a confident and openly gay character, has garnered critical acclaim and has resonated with audiences worldwide. Ncuti’s performance brings depth and authenticity to the show, making him a standout in the cast. 

Eric’s side narrative was quite challenging because he came out as gay. Also, living in the UK has broadened his mind in many ways. His parents had accepted him as their child being gay, and Gatwa felt pride in telling where he belonged. But the watershed occurred when, as a family, they had to attend a wedding in Nigeria, his mother’s homeland. Which became quite risky to deal with. Gatwa reflected on his character in sex education and mentioned the challenges and complexes he has faced due to racism throughout his life. But he ended up declaring people are people. You can’t control whatever they say and do, but what you can do is find yourself a group of peers where you can fit easily; he also exclaimed that he liked himself playing the role of Eric. Eric’s vibrant personality and fashion sense make him stand out among his friends, but he also faces struggles and insecurities like any other teenager. Throughout the series, Eric’s character development explores themes of self-acceptance, friendship, and navigating relationships in a conservative environment.


The Doctor’s position continually evolves because the venerable BBC series occasionally requires a different lead character to keep churning out new episodes. Actors are rarely anticipated to portray the part for more than a few years because of how time-consuming a single season may be since they have used the platform provided by Doctor Who to expand their impressive careers. Fans can anticipate an exciting debut for Gatwa in the 2023 Christmas special, followed by a thrilling season fourteenth eight-episode in 2024.

Since the actor has announced that he would appear in at least two seasons of Doctor Who, Ncuti Gatwa is already comfortable in his position as the Doctor. Gatwa said that he will not be replaced anytime soon during a recent interview with Rolling Stone UK. He also clarified that he will work on more installments about the time-traveling hero. Although the actor hasn’t yet appeared in the show as the lead, he has only been confirmed for one season, which signifies a promising opportunity for fans to delve deeper into the central conflict of his version of the Doctor.


Ncuti Gatwa is known for his unique sense of style and vibrant personality. His fashion choices are always bold and unexpected, reflecting his confident and outgoing nature. Whether he’s on the red carpet or off-duty, Ncuti effortlessly showcases his individuality through his fashion, making him a true trendsetter in the industry. 

While expressing his opinions on his personal taste, Ncuti mentioned his stylist, according to British Vogue he said: “I’d describe my style as sophisticated splendor with a dash of kink. I’ll send in the craziest briefs to Felicity Kay, my stylist. When I want to feel like Tom of Finland meets couture, I’ll sometimes simply share a screenshot of Beyoncé’s “Alien Superstar” or something like that. She responds, “Okay! “

Well in terms of MBTI,  Ncuti Gatwa is an  ENFP The Advocate personality type. Whether in their personal or professional lives, these individuals are extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceptive. The ENFP personality type will be at the center of where the people are, friendly and full of energy, looking far into the future and frequently spotting things that others miss. The ENFP, who wants life, work, and society to converge into one fascinating atmosphere with unlimited possibilities shared with people, finds routine and detail boring.


Ncuti Gatwa is propelled to set new records for the future as he has been playing crucial roles lately and making fair efforts to make his name in the industry. There is no doubt one does not know what the future holds for them, but we can always shape it according to what we require and keep paving different ways to be the version we once dreamt of. This blog has scribbled all the perceived facts until now to kill your curiosity about this emerging star, Ncuti Gatwa. Besides, You can read more in the FAQs below.

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Gatwa was born in 1992 in Nyarugenge, a Kigali neighborhood, although he did not have much opportunity to experience life there. The genocide shattered the nation two years after his birth. The family traveled from Rwanda to Congo and was granted refugee status in the UK.conclusion


Ncuti’s first name is pronounced “Shoo-tee.” His last name is “Gat-wa.”


Gatwa, who portrays a young person in “Sex Education,” will be 31 on October 15. His birth year is 1992.

When did Ncuti Gatwa move to the UK? 

Gatwa is a Rwandan Scotsman; his family moved to Edinburgh in 1994 when Ncuti was two years old. His accent combines elements of Scotland and East Africa.

What is the height of Ncuti Gatwa?

He is 5ft 9 ¾ (177.2 cm).

Who Is Ncuti Gatwa’s Wife? He Likes to Keep His Personal Life Private

The actor’s fans have been wondering about Ncuti Gatwa’s marriage, especially given how secretive he is about his personal life. Gatwa was formerly said to be dating another actress, but none of them verified the rumors.