10 Conor McGregor Suits Ideas

10 Conor McGregor Suits Ideas

Conor McGregor is a household name for the UFC, and rightly so. He has that personality and wit to bring sets of eyes to the sport. And despite all his shenanigans and troubles outside the octagon, he has elevated the sport of MMA in many ways. While everyone is busy talking about what Conor McGregor next fight is, we will take a look at his style. On fight weeks, one thing that stands out the most is Conor McGregor suits. Not many fighters look as classy as Conor McGregor. And as much as he has perfected his craft in fighting, he has also developed his fashion sense. Over the years, he has gained a fair amount of skill in styling an outfit, which can be seen through Conor McGregor best suits. That’s why we will give you ten different Conor McGregor suits ideas in this blog. So, let’s dive in.

Conor McGregor’s Pink Suit Look

In order to complete the look of this pink suit, you will need to get the following items first:

We will kick things off with this pink suit, which is right up there with the very best conor mcgregor suits cost. Fans of Conor will remember this suit very well. After all, he wore it at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, and guess what happened there? Ring any bells? Yes, you guessed it right, the Conor McGregor Machine Gun Kelly beef took place. This suit and event is more popular for the infamous Machine Gun Kelly Conor McGregor altercation than anything else. However, amid all the organized chaos, Conor McGregor suits shined the brightest, especially with that pink and black color combination. It left everyone wondering, “Where does Conor McGregor get his suits?”. While we are not keeping tabs on his purchase or the places he shops from, we can, however, give you a guide on how to take on this look yourself. You must start with the suit.

This pink suit is offered to you by the fashion brand of Oskar Jacket, who have recently launched a whole Conor McGregor suits collection in their online store. And if you want to take on the look of this suit yourself, then you will need to get the suit first and foremost. After that, you must get a black dress shirt that you will need to wear with the suit. As for your footwear, you can go with a pair of black leather loafers that will work well with your outfit. Make sure you style all the items with one another in the right way. You can put the final touches to your Conor McGregor suit by sliding in an Elnuk-style handkerchief in your blazer’s pocket to have the same look as Conor’s suit. So there you have it, your pink suit’s look is now complete.

Conor McGregor’s Green Suit Look

Next up is the Notorious’ green suit look, which you can take on yourself by getting the items that are part of it. We have listed those items as follows:

This suit of Conor’s brought forth his Irish roots to a full effect thanks to the green color. While most conor mcgregor suits style are fancy and formal, this one, however, is a bit on the casual side. Not to say it doesn’t look lavish or anything like that, but this suit has more of a lay-back, relaxed and chill vibe to it. It is sleek and has a minimalistic design. Its slimness is highlighted through the pin-point perfect fitting, which makes us wonder if this suit was stitched while Conor had it on. Conor has always had a love affair with custom-made tailored suits. And he wears them with a lot of accessories to make them look as premium and as lavish as possible. But this one is quite the opposite. This suit shows a different layer of Conor’s style that does not go all out with full guns blazing.

And if you are a sleek and slim design lover yourself, then we highly recommend you wear this suit to attend all your parties this season. More so, you can get the same look as Conor’s by getting the items to form this look, starting with the suit itself. The suit is once again offered to you by Oskar jacket, which you can get from their online store without breaking the bank. Once you have gotten your hands on the suit, you will then need to get a white t-shirt and wear it under the blazer to form a casual look. The last item is the footwear, and for that, we suggest you go with a pair of Baudoin & Lange yellow loafers to complete the look of your suit. If you have a watch that is similar to the best conor mcgregor suits watch, then we suggest you wear that as well.

Conor McGregor’s Black Suit Look

In order to form the look of this Conor McGregor outfit, you must get all of his items that are listed below: 

There are three different types of records that conor mcgregor suits collection holds. The first Conor McGregor record is the MMA record, the second one is his styling and fashion record, and the last one is his felony record. While we won’t dive into his felony record, this record of his came clashing with his fashion record. Fans of Conor McGregor keep tabs on all his outfits. Unfortunately for him, he ended up making some of his fashion statements with Conor McGregor suits while attending court hearings or going to jail. And on such occasions, he wore a black suit that looked as classy as ever. It is fair to say that Conor McGregor has had his fair share of trouble outside the octagon. But one thing must be commended: even when he was faced with tough times, at the very least, he dressed well and dealt with the problems in style.

And if you intend to take on the look of this Conor McGregor suit yourself, then you will need to get all the items he wore. You must start off with the suit which is offered to you by Oskar jacket. You can get this suit from their online store. Once you have gotten the suit, you will then need to wear a dress shirt underneath it. The last bit is the footwear, and for that, you can wear a pair of tip double monk strap black shoes. If you have a hairstyle that looks the same as Conor McGregor haircut, then you will look just like the Mystic Mac. 

Conor McGregor’s Plaid Suit Look

You can take on the look of this plaid suit by getting the following items:

It goes without saying how premium and luxurious Conor McGregor suits and shoes style is. After all, he pays big bucks for the clothing he wears, and it is no secret that Conor McGregor suits price is staggering. For many, it can be hard to match the budget that the “Notorious one“ has for his wardrobe needs. But you can still make do and have Conor McGregor suits without breaking the bank. And it is all thanks to Oskar Jacket, who have made that possible because they are offering Conor McGregor best suits in a very small and affordable price range. This way, you can easily wear his purple suit as well as get the item that is part of his outfit to look stylish just like him. After getting the suit, you will need to wear dress shoes as your footwear and get a blue handkerchief to add a formal touch.  

Conor McGregor’s Purple Suit Look

Before you can take on the look of this purple suit outfit, you will first need to get the items that are part of this look. We have listed those items as follows:

Conor Mcgregor news is mostly about his wardrobe shopping and how expensive it is, or it is about his troubles with the law outside the octagon. But there was one Conor McGregor Fox News that everyone loved, and it was when he and his son, Conor Jack McGregor Jr., wore matching suits at the NFL Super Bowl. We all know that the fortune that Conor spends on his clothing alone can make any person bankrupt. But the Conor McGregor and Son matching suits bit was kind of cute regardless of how much it would have cost. And thankfully, Conor Mcgregor net worth allows him to spend that much on his clothing. In some cases, he has spent over a million dollars in just one year of wardrobe shopping. His suits are not cheap either because the sheer high amount of Conor Mcgregor suits price can reach over $8500 per suit. 

However, you don’t have to stress about that if you are planning to take on his purple suit look. And if you are still wondering, “Where can I buy suits that Conor McGregor wore?” then the answer to your question is Oskar jacket. They have launched a whole Conor McGregor suits collection in their online store. They have some of the best Conor McGregor suits, including this purple suit. With Oskar Jacket’s help, you will be getting Conor McGregor suits look done in only a fraction of what he spends, or maybe even less than that. All you have to do is get the suit from their online store. After that, you’ll need to get his purple handkerchief that will sit well under the blazer’s chest pocket. As for your footwear, you can go for a pair of leather shoes with pointed toes to complete the look of your outfit.

Conor McGregor’s Grey Suit Look

In order to complete the look of this Conor McGregor suit, you will need to get your hands on the following items:

Conor McGregor’s style is one in a million, and being a superstar, he makes sure to keep up with the latest and the classiest fashion trends. Conor is known for dressing fashionably and wearing suits, especially luxurious ones. And his suits come with a price which we do not think many are willing to pay. So, for normal, everyday working people, we have a solution in which they can take on Conor Mcgregor’s looks. Oskar Jacket is offering a much more affordable alternative to expensive Conor Mcgregor suits. And if you are one of those people, then Oskar Jacket is here to help you out and save you from the trouble of overspending on his suits. 

You have to admit that Conor McGregor crazy suits price are kind of out of reach for a person who earns their living the hard way. They are offering this grey suit on their online store, so you can easily get it from them. This way, you do not have to empty your bank account just to get the same look as Conor McGregor suits. Once you have gotten the suit, you can then get the remaining items of Conor’s look, such as his stripe tonal Pink handkerchief as well as his beagle brogue shoes to complete your outfit.

Conor McGregor’s Burgundy Suit Look

You can take on the look of this burgundy suit yourself by getting the following items:

We cannot stress more than we already have about the fashionable looks of Conor McGregor suits collection. His style speaks for itself and, in many ways, transpires the fashion that exists within the world of mixed martial arts. However, Conor is one of the very few people whose name and looks transcend the very sport they are in. And it is no surprise Conor showed up at a fashion event in 2017 dressed all fancy. While we are used to seeing Conor like this on fight weeks, it was still refreshing to see him strut his stuff at The Fashion Awards 2017. Conor, as his usual self, went about his day in some fashion. His confidence was at its peak, and he made finest fashion statements and looked ever so classy. It is fair to say Conor’s style and looks go way above and beyond that of any form of combat sports. 

If you, too, are inspired by Conor’s looks and want to take on this burgundy suit look of his, then you can very much do so. First things first, you will need to start off with the suit itself, which you can get through Oskar Jacket’s online store. After that comes the turn for the shirt, and for that, you’ll need to get a burgundy color button-down shirt so that you can wear it underneath the suit’s blazer. As for the last item, you will need to go with a pair of black derby shoes as your footwear, which will complete the overall look of your outfit. So there you have it; you are now dressed as Conor in all his glory.

Conor McGregor’s Blue Suit Look

If you intend to take on the look of this Conor McGregor suit, then you will first need to get the following items:

There is no doubt that Conor Mcgregor is an interesting person. He’s not like many people you or I know of. And that is what makes him special and different from others in the first place. His stardom is not only due to his set of skills, or his charm, or wit for that matter. It is also his sense of fashion that makes him as special as he is. He is truly a fashionable person in every sense of the way, and that translates into success in the modern world. The reason why many people want to hear what he has to say in press conferences is because of his sense of humor. While you can make the case for that, you can also say the same about his sense of style, which is out of this world. It has attracted even the most devoted and truest of fashion enthusiasts.

Conor has brought those fashionistas to watching MMA. These fashion experts look for any chance they can to get some sort of styling or fashion idea from Conor’s dressing and his classy suits. And if you were inspired by Conor’s suits as well, then we suggest you wear one yourself. We have the perfect candidate for you in this blue suit that will make you the star of the hour. You can take on its look by getting the blue suit first of all from the fashion brand of Oskar jacket and then begin styling your look from thereon. The second item you will need to get is your footwear, and for that, you can go for classic slip-on dress shoes. You can add a final and classic touch to your suit by sliding in a handkerchief under the blazer’s pocket. Your conor mcgregor crazy suit look is now complete.

Conor McGregor’s “F You” Suit Look

This look consists of three different items that you must get in order to form its look:

There is very little to no doubt that Conor McGregor’s skill in both fighting and trash-talking brings sets of eyes to the sport of MMA. While it can be said that Conor has shaped the sport, it can also be argued that his fashionable personality has changed people’s perspective on fighters. He and, above all, his stunning style have changed the narrative that all fighters look dull and have no fashion sense. Changing the perspective that people had for fighters’ outward appearance has to be among his greatest achievements. This proves that Conor’s contribution to the world of MMA is far more than just bringing in fans to the sport or making it popular. And he himself keeps upping the ante every time with each outfit he wears. Even though everyone knows the sense of fashion that Conor possesses, we are still left amazed by the classy suits he sports.

This “F” you pinstripe suit is a prime example of anything that Conor touches turns to gold. What would have otherwise been a blatant offensive slur that would be considered too inappropriate to display was somehow deemed appropriate by the wider public. This proves that Conor has the charm to get away with anything. Even if it is a curse word written on a suit, he still somehow makes it look fashionable. He wore this suit during the lead-up promotion of his crossover boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Dubbed “Mayweather vs. McGregor,” it was a theatrical spectacle at its finest, a gimmick one, but it was great entertainment for the masses. People are madly in love with this suit, and if you too like it and want to wear it, then you can get it from Oskar jacket. You must also get and wear his handkerchief and dress shoes.

Conor McGregor’s Checkered Suit Look

This is the last Conor McGregor suits collection of this blog. In order to take on its look, you will need to get your hands on the listed clothing and accessory items:

Remember the Fox News Conor McGregor meme that everyone was talking about when he swore on live TV? Yeah, this is it. We have to hand it to him as he keeps getting away with these comments and swears, which would otherwise be deemed punishable. While Conor might have just made it by a whisker, he did, however, manage to make yet another fashion statement in the process. As you know, in the modern world, there is a simple rule: if you don’t look good, then others won’t look at you either. No matter who it is, people are only drawn to style, and they avoid looking at anyone or anything that is not visually nice. People don’t even buy hideous clothes themselves, so they certainly won’t watch someone without style, even if it is for free, let alone pay to watch that person compete. 

But Conor is quite the opposite of that, and he thrives off his fashionable looks and his amazing performances in competition He is one of those few gems that people pay the big bucks to just get a glimpse of. Such was the case behind his Fox News channel appearance because the house was full when he was the guest on the Hannity radio talk show hosted by Sean Hannity. Conor stole the show all for himself with his orange checkered suit. No wonder why so many people want to dress like him. And if you too want to look as fashionable as him by wearing his clothes, then you can get his checkered suit from Oskar jacket. If you want to complete the whole look, then you can wear a white dress shirt underneath the blazer. To add a classy touch, you will need to wear an orange tie along with a handkerchief and lapel pin. So there you have it; your Conor Mcgregor suit’s look is now officially complete.


So there you have it, folks, that is it for this blog. We hope you liked reading this blog and got the right suit idea to wear, as we featured ten different Conor McGregor suits in it. However, if you want more outfit guides, then you can read more of our blogs in the Style section of our website. We also write Costume Guides for Halloween, so you can check them out as well. If you are interested in reading information on the latest or upcoming TV Shows and movies, then we have blogs for that as well. We post blogs on a regular basis, so keep in touch to read our latest blogs when they come out. Until next time, goodbye and have a good one

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor height is 5 ft 9 inches (175 cm).

What is the Conor McGregor weight class?

Conor McGregor weight is 155 lbs, meaning he is in the lightweight weight class.

When did Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor 3 take place?

Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor 3 took place on July 10, 2021, at the T-Mobile Arena. The event saw both Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor net worth 2022 skyrocket. After the third fight, Conor McGregor 2022 year was spent recovering from his leg break injury.

Is Conor McGregor married?

Yes, and the name of Conor McGregor wife is Dee Devlin.

When is Conor McGregor next fight?

Many people believe that Conor McGregor next fight is going to be Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler. However, the date for this Conor McGregor fight has not been announced as of yet.

Is Conor McGregor retired?

No, Conor McGregor is not retired.

How old is Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor age is 35 years as of September 2023.

What is the animal of the Conor McGregor tattoo?

Conor McGregor has a tattoo of a gorilla on his chest and a tattoo of a tiger on his stomach.