Get Yourself a Smart Look with these Houndstooth Tweed Jacket

Get Yourself a Smart Look with these Elegant Houndstooth Tweed Jacket

Dressing well not builds a person’s character but is also crucial in shaping their personality. It reflects who you are as a person and gives you a great deal of confidence in going about your daily business. Every first impression is determined by the outfit you are wearing. With a good outfit, you can make your tasks much easier. Anyone can dress nicely without worrying about the financial aspect of things. Fashion only requires passion, and if you have that, you can achieve an appealing look with any outfit without spending too much. Some clothing types might appeal to a specific group more than others, but everyone wants it if an outfit looks classy. Outfits from the Tweed fabrics are prime examples of that. The tweed suit jacket is a stylish and vogue outwear piece that represents class and elegance. 

We have launched a collection of Tweed Jackets for all the fashion enthusiasts and dedicated an entire category to it. We offer customers the best quality tweed jackets made from the finest tweed and wool fabrics. Our outwears are perfectly stitched from inch to inch. We carefully design them and pay extra attention to small details like zips, hooks, and belts. Grabbing an outwear from our collection will surely be one of the best decisions you ever make. You can add a tweed jacket to your wardrobe collection to switch things up, enrich your smart look, and stay warm.

Getting To Know Tweed Jacket

There’s a misconception about Tweed Jackets that they are only worn by the elderly. It might be true to some extent, as it used to be the case before. Houndstooth Tweed Jacket might be a slightly old-fashioned choice that is preferred by professors, politicians, or other similar professionals. But as of late, it has grown popular among the younger generation. One thing is for certain, tweed fabrics are known by everyone and have an idea about them. These jackets are part of “Timeless Fashion,” as they have stayed in fashion trends forever. The history of tweed dates back all the way to 18th century Scotland. The misreading of ‘tweel’ resulted in the term tweed. It was knitted at home by laborers for workers on the land. Later the owners of the land took to wearing it. 

Tweed even inspired the founder of the London Scottish Regiment, Lord Elcho, to replace the standard and conspicuous blood-red uniform with it. It resulted in the idea of camouflage. However, in the modern era, people wear this thick woolen cloth mainly because of their subtle but noble looks. In addition to the outward appearance, they are warm for cold weather and can be worn during the summer as well. Both men and women can wear tweed fabric outfits and jackets. These noble outwears have become part of pop culture with numerous appearances in mainstream movies and shows. They are trendsetters that are always the center of attention for fashion designers. 

Styling Tweed Jacket

You can obtain a retro but stylish look with the tweed suit jacket. To do so, you need to pair it with the right set of pants, a matching buttoned-up shirt, and a pair of classical shoes. The way tweed carries color and texture, you can use your imagination and get creative when styling a tweed jacket. Depending on your taste, you can add even more striking or sober colors that suit your liking. Minimal tailoring and inch-perfect stitching are major factors to consider when buying a tweed jacket. The versatility and the flexibility allow the tweed jacket to be worked into all manner of styles, like pairing it with jeans. No matter how many combinations you try, there will always be a ton of ways you can style it. 

Twist Rafferty Law Beige Tweed Jacket
Twist Rafferty Law Beige Tweed Jacket

Options For Tweed Jackets

We are offering a wide variety of tweed jackets and mens tweed blazers in our collection from all the famous movies and popular television shows. We have options for men with the best mens tweed jacket like this Rafferty Law Tweed Jacket from the movie Twist. Moreover, the light-toned beige color of this jacket will truly make you stand apart from everyone else. We also have Evan Buckley Houndstooth Tweed Jacket from the 9-1-1 television series for all the fine gentlemen out there. We have some stylish options for women too, with a huge collection of womens tweed jackets. This Catherine Clare Blazer from the horror movie Things Heard And Seen is a great option to dress stylishly. Furthermore, our Monet de Haan Tweed Blazer from the Gossip Girl series will enhance your smart look. 
We also have a collection of cropped tweed jackets like this Anna Delvey Mid Length Coat. Moreover, it is finely fabricated from the houndstooth material to make you a fashionista.

Anna Delvey Inventing Anna Houndstooth Mid Length Coat
Anna Delvey Inventing Anna Houndstooth Mid Length Coat

Tweed Jackets For Casual Wear

The versatility level of Tweed jackets allows them to be styled with any casual outfit. You can wear tweed jackets for your day-to-day activities. You can wear a matching waistcoat with a checked shirt underneath for a smart look that doesn’t go overboard. You can also opt for a buttoned-up shirt with black jeans for an everyday look. Slim denim pants work best as they keep the outfit smart without being too casual. You can take a bold approach and wear it with a turtleneck to provide a simple and sleek look to your casual outfit. Tweed outfits can be paired with any type of shoes. You can wear white sneakers for a casual look, or if you fancy dressing up a bit fancier, you can go for loafers instead. It all depends on how you wear a tweed jacket, rather than the occasion.

Wearing Tweed Jackets For Formal Events

Tweed jackets are perfect for every occasion. It provides you with a look that can be worn at any formal event or fancy dinner. A matching waistcoat with a button-up shirt and tie and a pair of dress pants complete a nice formal look. Add in a pair of well-polished black leather shoes, and you’re good to go. Wear this look to weddings or other night-time social events and be the star of the occasion.

No matter which tweed outwear you end up choosing, you’ll be treating yourself with a well made jacket that will last years for you