A Perfect Fashion Guide from the Gentlemen Film Casts

The Gentlemen Dress

Fashion is a desire that everyone wishes to fulfill. It has been followed by everyone for centuries. British society has always been the epitome of great dressing. Their dressing culture still inspires fashion designers to this day. Mainstream movies and shows also take inspiration from the British dressing style. The charming English noblemen of the action comedy film The Gentlemen have set the standard upon which all fashion enthusiasts look at. They never miss an opportunity to look sleek when it comes to styling. The Gentlemen Outfits have left everyone in awe. The renowned genius director Guy Ritchie wrote, directed, and produced the film. The Gentlemen was released on January 1, 2020, in the United Kingdom. It was later released globally on January 24, 2020. The fim became an instant hit as soon as it hit the big screens.

The Gentlemen broke all sorts of Box Office records. People loved it for its nail-biting storyline and the performance of the cast. Critics also gave out positive reviews for its excellent cinematography and production. Guy Ritchie’s vision and styling of the characters played a vital role in the movie’s immense success. The Gentlemen features a rich American immigrant, Mickey Pearson, who is looking to cash out of his highly profitable marijuana empire in London. When the word gets around the city, it is soon followed by an array of plots and schemes to steal his domain. Although there are a lot of twists and turns, it starts to get really interesting as you dive deeper into the movie. You’ll have to watch it for yourself to experience the thrill and discover the end result. 

Our The Gentlemen Collection

The rise in The Gentlemen’s popularity has resulted in huge demand for its outfits. Everyone wants to dress like the characters from the movie and get their hands on The Gentlemen Dress. We have launched an entire collection of outfits from the film. It includes all The Gentlemen Suits,The Gentlemen Jackets, The Gentlemen Coats, and The Gentlemen Blazers. Every outfit is perfectly stitched with attention to small details to make sure they resemble the cast’s outfits. If you admire the dressing in The Gentlemen, we highly recommend you to buy an outwear from our collection. It will, without a doubt, represent you as The Gentlemen fan. However, we will be talking about the outfits of each character in our The Gentlemen Fashion Guide below. Make sure to stick around because we will be unleashing many things in this guide.

Michael Pearson

Coach The Gentlemen Blue Cotton Tracksuit front
Coach The Gentlemen Blue Cotton Tracksuit front

Michael Pearson, played by Matthew McConaughey, is the main protagonist of The Gentleman. He is by far the best-dressed character in the entire film. Michael is a rich businessman that came to London from America and built a highly successful marijuana empire. Although he might have come up from hard beginnings, he is on the top and likes to enjoy the finer things in life. Michael wore some of the best outfits throughout the movie. The Michael Pearson Three Piece Suit is by far the most sought-after outfit. This brown checkered design suit is stitched to perfection from the suiting fabric. Moreover, it includes a vest and a pant that ties your whole look together. We also have The Gentlemen Black Tuxedo that Michael wore in the movie. Moreover, it is carefully stitched with a premium velvet fabric to give it a luxurious feel. 

Raymond Smith

The dashing Hollywood hunk Charlie Hunnam was the star of the movie for his portrayal of Raymond Smith. Ray is a cool head and collected individual. He is the right-hand man of Mickey Pearson and follows out his orders. Fans loved Ray for his calm demeanor and stylish looks. He wore abundant attires in the movie that uplifted his character and made him shine. Raymond Smith was spotted wearing this fabulous Ray Cotton Field Jacket that was much loved by fanatics. He also wore this Charlie Hunnam Long Trench Coat in the movie. Moreover, this trench coat is fabricated from pure cotton material. Get these outwears to dress like Ray and live the experience of being a Gentleman.


Coach, played by Colin Farrel, is a good guy that happens to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets in trouble. He also wore tremendous outfits and tracksuits that were enjoyed by the fans. If you’re looking to buy a tracksuit, take Coach’s tracksuits from the movie into consideration. The Gentlemen Checked Blue Tracksuit that coach wore is a great example for you to wear. Moreover, it is fabricated from pure cotton material to provide you with a comforting experience. The cotton-made Brown Bomber Jacket that the coach wore is also an ideal option for daily outdoor activities. 


Fletcher, played by Hugh Grant, is neither a good guy nor a bad one. He does end up being both, though. If we talk about his styling, then there’s no confusion there as he wore appealing outfits and outwears in the movie. He wore The Gentlemen Fletcher Real leather Blazer that looked stunning on him. You can dress like Fletcher by wearing this jacket which is great for the upcoming winter season. One thing is for sure, the leather jacket looks classy, and he did a fantastic job wearing it.

Dry Eye

Dry Eye, played by Henry Golding, is one of the villains of The Gentlemen movie. Much like the pattern of this movie, he, too, wore amazing outfits that inspired the fans. The Gentlemen Black Fur Collar Jacket that Dry Eye wore instantly became a fan favorite. You can also dress like Dry Eye and become a good-looking villain.


Mathew, played by Jeremy Strong, is the main antagonist of The Gentlemen. He is a cruel and calculating businessman that can cross any limits to take what he wants, no matter the cost. Although he might be a bad guy, he sure did rock some fantastic outfits that many men desire. He wore this splendid The Gentlemen Red Casual Suit that looked stunning on him. Moreover, it is perfectly crafted from the best suiting fabric. You can make this look yours and dress like this handsome villain.

Rosalind Pearson

Rosalind Pearson, played by Michelle Dockery, is the wife of Michael Pearson. She also wore amazing outfits throughout the movie. She was spotted wearing this Michelle Dockery Wool Brown Coat that looked gorgeous on her. Moreover, the wool fabric of this coat is great. It keeps you warm while giving you a stylish look.