How Long Should a Suit Jacket Be

How Long Should a Suit Jacket Be

It’s a famous quote by someone that “A suit needs to fit. There’s a reason it’s called a suit.”

Suit jackets are like the face of the suit, No one intentionally observes it, but unconsciously People look first on your jacket. Perfect suit jacket can make or break your outfit persona in a second and vice versa. Though it seems like a normal thing, but as a matter of fact it’s not, it matters a lot. A suit jacket that look perfect to you, make your look more macho and attractive. For any formal events like, Weddings, corporate meet ups or even funerals Suits are the first choice for the men, and what if it’s not made perfectly, it’s a complete mess.


This guide we made for you will make all your concepts clear, and we have specially written this article for the layman, so even if you don’t the basics of it, don’t worry, we got you Fam.!

Event of the suit

The central part of wearing the suit is to understand the suit jacket’s purpose, and the events where the suit jacket will be worn will factor into the suit jacket length decision. Typically, the more formal the occasion, the longer the coat should be worn, well it’s not the Standard rule, but usually that’s exactly how it works. If the suit is to be worn in relaxed settings, wearing a jacket a bit briefer than a business suit jacket is fair. Shorter jackets allow for more activity and are commonly seen at casual events. Guys do not take fashion as thoughtfully as women, and that’s alright.

However, particular events and occasions call for dressing in a specific manner, and men should accept these dress codes. Failing to do so can make any man the weird one out in a social setting and can result in excessive attention. One of the ways to avoid a menswear fashion faux pau is to update your wisdom on men’s fashion and to make an effort to source and wear suitable menswear for different events. The correct suit jacket length, tips and suggestions we give you below will help you in this fashion industry.

Jacket’s Supreme Fittings

Palm Length:

The thumb rule for suit jackets is that it should show” a half-inch of linen” that means a half-inch undershirt cuff should be visible when arms are down at a natural stance and never pass the wrist area or thumb; if that happens, it means it’s too long sleeves which is a major NO-NO. Always make sure that some size of the shirt cuff is seeable.

Likewise, the sleeves should not be small in size, exposing the full cuff of the inside shirt. Keep it a modest size so that only a tiny portion of the shirt cuff is visible, not more than that.

Back Length:

As discussed above, the right way to measure how long a suit jacket length should be by thumb rule or by guaranteeing your suit jacket sits on the end of your back curve line, where the upper leg starts.

Make sure that the suit jacket doesn’t cross the thumb of your hand when standing in a neutral stand position. If it does cross the thumb, then it is too long for you.

Similarly, the jacket is too short for you if you can see your behind from behind while standing.

Shoulders Length:

suit jacket shoulders

Shoulders should have a 0.25 inch or, more specifically, 1/4th of an inch wide seam (where it connects the arms sleeves with the suit jacket) and should sit at the right place, i.e., on the end line of shoulders. Anything more implies that the suit jacket is too big and will tumble after one or two times of wear. Again, if the seam sits on the upper area of the shoulder, it’s too brief for you. So eventually, it all goes to Preferring a good tailor you entrust because shoulders demand detail and perfection. It’s also challenging to make changes after making.

Front Belly Length

suit jacket

The most helpful way to check the fittings is by measuring the distance between your shirt and jacket using your hand. If your hand goes quickly with little space left, that’s a well-fitting jacket. If the hands go quickly, but more space is left, the suit jacket is too big for you. But if neither of the conditions works and it’s hard to put your hand inside the suit, it is too tight. One has to ensure that there is half-inch excess in front between the suit length of jacket  and your shirt. Anything exceeding that or below that implies that either the jacket is too big or too tight and doesn’t fit you.

Collar Length

suit jacket collar

A collar that’s too easygoing will make you look goose-necked. A too-tight collar is even worse; it will choke you and turn your face red. It’s both unsightly and uncomfortable.

You should be able to comfortably fit a finger or two

between the collar and your neck when it’s buttoned up completely. Don’t

deprive yourself of the literal breathing room you need, but don’t get a collar so giant that you can get a fist.

Though there are many types of collars, the subtle rule of the collar is that the jacket collar should rest comfortably at the rear of your shirt collar. It should not sit away from the neck or bunch up at the back.

Tie Length:

Tie Length

A well-tied tie can be the unacknowledged hero of a formal outfit. This inexpensive accessory can instantly add color and class to your ensemble and pivot casual attire into an outfit fitting for a black-tie affair.

The general modern rule of thumb is that your tie should fall right at the top of your belt buckle, regardless of the tie length, style of the tie, or how tall you are.

Caution: If you decided to wear a vest and don’t plan on taking it off, the cleanliness of your tie knot is more noteworthy than the length of the tie.

Height issues

Some more points to consider are when you try to appear taller, shortening the jacket slightly to reveal a longer leg will give the illusion of height.

And inversely proportional, if a man would like to de-emphasize very long legs, a mens long suit jacket will provide the illusion of a more proportionate stature.

For those with proportionate frames, a traditional suit jacket length is timeless. Trends will come and go, but the moderate jacket length will remain popular forever.


It’s a fundamental science that always considers quality over cost; you will buy expensive things once in your lifetime, but cheap products are something that becomes a headache for you, both ruining your lifestyle and mental health. Ironically it also becomes a burden on your pocket because saving a little money will always cost someone a vast amount of money as a payback.

That’s exactly the case with Suits; almost every urban life-styled man wears suits; mostly, people buy cheap suits which ruin their look, but buying one good suit from a reputable place like William Jacket always pay-off.

Lastly, we must say that finding which proper blazer length guide , proper suit jacket length size and length suits your body should be relatively simple if you follow this article’s guidelines. Remember, the goal should always be buying and wearing timeless clothing that fits your body well.


How long should a suit jacket be?

Your suit jacket should protect about 80% of your back and crotch.
Generally, the bottom edge of a jacket should end between the two knuckles on your thumb. This rule can be compelled a little bit when wearing a everyday sport coat because they tend to be a little shorter.

How far down should a suit jacket go?

A better suit or sports jacket should fall past the waist and drape over the top of the curve formed by the back.

Where should a suit jacket end / how should a suit jacket fit,

Your suit jacket should protect about 80% of your back and crotch.
Generally, the bottom edge of a jacket should end between the two knuckles on your thumb. This rule can be compelled a little bit when wearing a everyday sport coat because they tend to be a little shorter.

How to fold a suit jacket

The most helpful way to fold a suit jacket is to tuck sleeves behind the back, with the shoulders overlying slightly at the middle, and the whole thing gets folded in half from the bottom, tucking the bottom hem up underneath the collar. The lapels and collar sit right on top and get a pretty neat square shape. That’s one of the way to fold the suit jacket.

How to measure suit jacket size

The width of a man’s chest, measured in inches, is used to determine the suit jacket size. Start by taking measurements immediately beneath your arms, across your chest, and over your shoulder blades. When measuring, it’s crucial to keep the tape measure perpendicular to the ground.

When to button suit jacket?

When standing, these jackets should always be buttoned. When seated, unbutton the jacket to prevent creasing. Always secure the top button and leave the lower one undone when buttoning a two-button jacket, according to custom.

What to wear under a suit jacket female?

Following are the some option you can wear (or not) under the suit jacket.
Collared Button-Down
White Shirt
Lace Bodysuit
NOTHING (for some more spicy times)