How to Choose the Right Leather Blazer?

How to Choose the Right Leather Blazer

Leather jackets come in different styles. Moreover, aviator jackets, trench coats, and leather blazers are essential outerwear for any winter wardrobe. Leather blazers give their wearer a beautiful combination of formal and casual styles. Blazers look great with any other apparel. You can style a leather blazer outfit with casual dressing and formal dressing. Blazers are easy to style and versatile; if you are going for a morning walk, style a mens leather blazer with a buttoned shirt and cotton pants.

Let’s look into this article; we will discuss what you need to consider when choosing a leather blazer.

Check the Front Style

If you want to pick the ideal leather blazer outfit, you need to check the front style of the blazer first. Blazers come in different attractive styles, likewise jackets. Some blazers have a double-breasted front closure with four or more buttons, whereas others come with single-breasted closure with two to three buttons. Generally, single-breasted blazers give a more casual look; however, it gives you a chic appearance. You can identify the double-breasted blazer with wide overlapping flaps and two symmetrical buttons columns. In contrast, single-breasted has a slightly narrow overlap with one column of buttons.

Identify if it is Crafted with Faux or Real Leather

Identify the leather material when buying a blazer, carefully check the quality of leather used in the manufacturing. Faux leather is more economical than real leather – faux leather is durable; however, real leather is more durable. Faux leather can resist scrapes and scratches that will tarnish real leather. It won’t peel or crack easily. Furthermore, the quality of leather plays a vital role in the look and comfort of the blazer. 

Check the Inner Material of the Blazer

If you choose a mens leather blazer or womens leather blazer, check the blazer’s inner material because if it has an inner layer of viscose, it will be warmer than those without viscose lining. The lining is a fabric layer usually made from viscose or the same fabric of the blazer accommodated in the blazer’s interior. Moreover, it gives additional protection in cold weather and ensures extra warmth in the winter season.

Blazers with Pockets Look Gorgeous

When you choose a leather blazer, ensure that it has pockets. Generally, outwears have pockets; however, some leather blazers don’t have pockets. Pockets enhance the look of a blazer with new textures and designs. When there is too cold outside, you can keep your hands in your pockets for extra warmth in the winter season. Moreover, you can keep your belongings safe in your pockets and if you need these benefits, make sure that your blazer features pockets.

Lapel Style Collar

If you want to purchase a stylish blazer, you need to check the lapel style. Most jackets, coats, and blazers contain lapels. Blazers features flaps of fabric stitched under the sides of the collar. Moreover, Lapels play a vital role in the look of the blazer. Different blazers have different lapel designs; some come with notched lapels, also called collar lapels, they give a slim-fit style. Others have peaked lapels, and they usually come with double-breasted leather blazers.

Color Reflects the Style of your Blazer

The leather blazer comes in various colors. You need to opt for a bold color blazer for a classy appearance, or if you like classic color, you can also get your blazer in classic color. You can wear a classic color blazer with other outfits more easily. However, people prefer to wear a brown leather blazer and black blazer. The beauty of these two colored blazers is that you can pair them with most of the other apparel in your closet. There are some popular colors such as grey, tweed, and navy are all standard blazer colors. So, choose the best one that matches your other outfits.

Get a Customized Size Blazer

People usually make a mistake when opting for a blazer is getting the wrong size. Moreover, the wrong size will cause discomfort and looks awkward. Furthermore, Oskar Jacket has come up with a solution to this problem. Now you can place the order of your favorite blazer in customized sizes. All you need to do is measure the accurate size of your body and order the blazer accordingly. In the end, you will get the leather blazer that is specifically crafted according to your body size.

Stylish Blazers Collection for Fashion Enthusiasts

Oskar Jacket has a wide variety of stylishly crafted blazers that will surely elevate your wardrobe to new heights. Style plays a significant role in our personality grooming, and it creates a meaningful impression on the minds of others. Some people prefer to wear a leather blazer jacket, long leather blazer, and other styles. We have options for everyone. You can find the top-notch quality blazers in our category of leather blazers. This category is comprised of Captain America Civil War Scarlett Brown Blazer, Gossip Girl Serena Van Brown Blazer, Chloe Decker Lucifer Leather Brown Blazer, Casual Leather Sheepskin Brown Coat, and other stunning blazers from which you can pick the best that suits your personality.

Which Color blazer looks best with jeans?

Nowadays, you can find blazers in various colors, and some colors look classy with jeans and pants. Brown, tweed, black, navy, grey, and blue blazers look gorgeous with jeans and pants. Consider these colors when choosing a blazer to pair with jeans or pants.

Are leather blazers suitable for formal events?

If your blazer is lightweight, refined, sober, and dressy, you can wear it at corporate events.

What pants can I wear with a leather blazer?

A leather blazer looks beautiful with most of the pants. If you want a casual, classy look, style your leather blazer with chinos or denim. However, people prefer to wear brown, blue, and black pants with a leather blazer. You can pair white slim-fit pants with a leather blazer for a classy style. By following our tips, you will get a chic appearance at gatherings.