How to Dress Like Popular Figures from the Top Gun Movie?

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Everyone loves the Air Force. No matter which country people belong from, they have always had a sweet spot for the Aviators and their planes. That is one of the main reasons why films and shows based on the Air force are watched so much worldwide. If we speak of Aviation movies, then we have to mention Top Gun. After all, it is one of the pioneers of that genre in the film industry. Today we will be talking about the story of Top Gun and the influence it had on everyone around the world. In this blog, we will look briefly into some of the outfits that the cast of Top Gun wore. We suggest you read our Top Fashion Guide right to the end. We will be covering many things in this blog that can help you dress as the characters from Top Gun.

The Story Of Top Gun

The story of Top Gun revolves around Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who is one of the Navy’s top aviators. Maverick is an adrenaline freak with a reckless attitude and egotistical demeanor that fears nothing and no one. He is also an upcoming hotshot fighter pilot with exceptional flying skills. He was sent to the Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School, where all the elite pilots train to sharpen their flying skills to the next level. There he finds a fierce competition and gets romantically involved with Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Blackwood, who is his flight instructor. However, Maverick suffers a setback when his friend gets killed in a training exercise that went horribly wrong. Maverick struggles to cope with things due to the grief of losing his friend. But the danger is here, lurking in the skies. Maverick must get back to his daredevil ways and have a second chance to redeem himself. 

Getting To Know Top Gun

Top Gun Green Nylon MA-1 Patched Flight Bomber Jacket

Top Gun is the brilliant work of many people, including both men and women. From the cast to the producer, writer, director, costume designer, and many more people. However, two men in specific, Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson, must be credited for making this film possible. They were helped by Tony Scott, who is the director of the film. You might not believe how the movie came about even if we told you. It was inspired by an article titled “Top Guns” that was published three years prior. Crazy, right? But it does not matter what the inspiration for the movie was because it was a dream for viewers and entertained them with a thrilling storyline. It premiered globally on May 16, 1986. As soon as Top Gun hit the big screens, it became a huge blockbuster as well as a commercial hit. 

Top Gun broke many records and won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. The film has continued to maintain its popularity since its initial release. A sequel also followed 36 years later, titled Top Gun: Maverick, which was released on May 27, 2022. Much of the film’s success must be credited to Top Gun Outfits, which was designed by the renowned costume designer Bobbie Read. She designed each character’s outfit to perfection and made sure they went along with the aviation theme of the movie. Even if it was a fictional film, the outfits of the characters had to be formal to depict the dressing policy of the Navy. But due to Bobbie’s amazing work, the cast did not miss out on impressing the viewers and designers with their outfits.

The Impact Of Top Gun

Top Gun started all the love for the plane-movies. It has made everyone fall in love with Aviation once again. Not only that, but it also helped bring Tom Cruise to stardom. He was the breakout star of the Top Gun when he played the role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. The actor has been an international mega superstar ever since. The movie made him reach the heights that only a few were able to reach. Tom Cruise has been going strong ever since, and it does not look like he will be slowing down anytime soon. We hope that this Hollywood Hunk will continue being a role model for everyone with that kind of status in the days ahead. And we certainly know for a fact that he will keep entertaining us with his tremendous acting skills and captivate our hearts at the same time with his smart looks.

Our Top Gun Outfits Collection

Top Gun is a sensation that keeps on gifting its long time fans with songs, outfits, and memories in your heart that you will forever cherish. We can play a little part in this fever and fairytale of Top Gun by launching a collection of Top Gun Merchandise. We are featuring all the famous Top Gun Dresses that were worn by Maverick and his co-star. Apart from that, we are also presenting Top Gun Jackets to wear casually for your daily outings. With the Top Gun Flight Dress, you can pretend to be a fighter pilot and live the experience they live. Our every Top Gun outwear is made from the best materials and is stitched to perfection. They are accommodated with a viscose lining inside to ensure they keep you warm and last years for you. 

You don’t have to worry about our outwear’s quality because we’ve got you covered. Our outwears are trustworthy and long-lasting. To ensure sure you are a happy and satisfied customer, we design each outwear carefully and pay extra attention to subtle details so that they don’t tear apart or wear out over time. Our each outwear is modishly designed to represent you as a Top Gun fan. Having said that, we will now look at some of the characters of the film and turn our attention to the outfits they wore. We hope it can give you some sort of an idea and help you dress like them. We expect you to stick around for a bit longer so that you do not miss out on it.

Tom Cruise as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell

Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who is played by Tom Cruise, is a US Navy pilot and the main protagonist of Top Gun. Maverick has a knack for danger, and his adventure seeking adrenaline rush does not help him at all. His daredevil persona always lands him in trouble and puts him at odds with all his co-pilots. Being the film’s main protagonist, Maverick wore many stylish outfits that became a fan favorite. He wore this Bomber Jacket that looked stunning on him. This bomber jacket is made from the finest leather material and is stitched to perfection with a viscose lining inside for added warmth. You can wear this jacket like Maverick or style it using your own combinations. Nonetheless, this jacket will make you look like Maverick himself.

If the outfits in Top Gun inspired you, we would suggest you get an outwear from our collection. And we hope by now you have chosen the right Top Gun outwear for you, which will represent you as a fan of the film.