Maggie Q Ready for a New Sequel Cast in The Protégé 2

Maggie Q Ready for a New Sequel Cast in The Protégé 2

Before we talk about the prospect of a sequel, it is crucial to emphasize how amazing the Martin Campbell-directed action film The Protégé is. Anna, who Maggie Q plays, is a talented contract assassin who was raised and trained by Moody, who Samuel L. Jackson plays. Anna goes looking for Moody’s murderer after he gets killed. Yes, The Protégé is that simple and straightforward, yet it stands out the most. The film successfully made its mark because of a handful of superbly conceived set pieces and Q’s outstanding lead performance. You will realize why she’s the best choice for this role if you’ve seen her work in movies and television series like Mission: Impossible III and Nikita on The CW. In the final picture, she undoubtedly does well. In The Protege, Maggie Q has such a significant influence that, like John Wick, the character deserves her own action movie series.

Will there be a Protégé Sequel?

It seemed inevitable that someone would inquire about this subject in some capacity. During Maggie Q’s appearance at Collider Ladies Night, she was asked this question regarding The Protege sequel, to which she responded, “I would love more.” Maggie Q couldn’t give any guarantees, but she did hint that there may be a Protege sequel. The Protege 2 has Maggie Q’s full support, she claims. She talks about how enjoyable it is to see the film. She said that she would like to get back together with Campbell and the others. Q qualifies her claim by saying that the decision to release a sequel would be made purely by the reaction of the audience. Potential sequels are currently unable to rely heavily on box office results. But with that being said, let’s hope that The Protégé receives the praise it deserves to be given more.

Getting to Know The Protégé

The Protégé chronicles the tale of Anna Dutton, the most expert contract killer in the world. In the wake of a tragedy in Da Nang in 1991, where she murdered four guys who had kidnapped her, she was rescued by Moody as a little child. She was later brought up by Moody to be an assassin. Things change when Moody gets killed. Anna embarks on a mission to avenge the murder of Moody and bring justice to the person responsible for the death. Apart from Maggie Q and Samuel L. Jackson,  Robert Patrick and Michael Keaton were among The Protege film cast. The scripts for both Equalizer movies starring Denzel Washington were written by Richard Wenk. The Protégé is directed by Martin Campbell, who is most known for his work on the James Bond movies GoldenEye and Casino Royale.

Our Outfits Collection of The Protégé

Throughout the entire movie, the protege cast donned some incredible costumes. The film’s unquestionable standout highlight was the protege film cast outfits. Some of the stunning jacket choices from the movie will be available to you from us. We are giving you The Protege Cast Jackets. The jackets featured below are all crafted using the finest fabrics and have impeccable stitching. Additionally, they are lined with viscose inside so that you may keep warm while engaging in outdoor activities this winter. These coats work well for both professional and casual settings.

Anna Dutton’s Jacket

Maggie Q The Protege Anna Green Hooded Jacket front

Maggie Q, one of Hollywood’s most well-known and gifted actors, plays Anna Dutton. When she played Anna Dutton in the action-thriller movie “The Protege,” she received praise from viewers all around the world for her performance. Additionally, she served as the model for this stunning Maggie Q Anna Black Faux Leather Jacket from the forthcoming 2021 film The Protege. Without a sure, this jacket is among the greatest in the movie. You can rely on this women’s leather jacket to keep up with fashion and style trends at all times. This elegant leather jacket is suitable to wear for women of any age since it combines comfort and style. With this jacket and pants, you will look like a true assassin who means business. You can stand out from everyone else, just like Maggie Q when she donned this stunning  Leather Jacket while playing Anna in the action-thriller The Protege. 

The Protege Maggie Q Black Leather Jacket will help you appear better. This stunning Protege Maggie Q Black Leather Jacket boasts a warm, silky viscose lining inside of premium quality faux leather. The reason the inside lining is connected is to provide the wearer with the most comfort and relaxation possible. This jacket is unique and fantastic since the front zips up and has an upright collar. The brilliant black hue of this excellent jacket makes it look even more unusual and distinctive. Along with the long sleeves of the jacket, it also has four pockets—two on the outside and two on the inside.

Michael Rembrandt’s Puffer Jacket

One of the movie’s prominent protagonists is Michael Rembrandt, played by Michael Keaton. When he donned this Blue Hooded Puffer Jacket in the movie, Michael Keaton upheld his image as an attractive man. Michael Rembrandt’s puffer jacket is constructed from the finest parachute material and has a soft, fluffy inner lining made of viscose. Wearing this jacket will enable you to stay warm this winter while showcasing your genuine sense of style. You will look like you have your whole life planned out when you wear a puffy jacket like this. The front of this jacket zips up, and the collar has the appearance of a hood, making it really lovely and intriguing. The excellent hue, a gorgeous blue, is this outfit’s most stunning characteristic. Five pockets—two inside and three outside—as well as full-length sleeves are included in this magnificent jacket.

Benny’s Blue Jacket

Benny is one of the characters in the Protege movie, and Gamba Cole plays him. He was wearing a Blue Jacket, and it looked amazing on him. Benny’s blue jacket is manufactured from the finest cotton materials and has an inside viscose lining for enhanced warmth. This jacket is the perfect piece of winter attire to make you seem great. It is stunning and mind-blowing. This outfit’s interior lining helps the wearer feel incredibly relaxed and at ease. The front of this beautiful costume includes a zipper closure and a round neck. The beautiful and alluring blue color is the most admirable feature of this jacket. This amazing jacket’s full-length sleeves, two interior pockets, and two outside pockets add to its appeal.

Last but not least, these coats demonstrate how they will improve the amazing style of whoever wears them. In addition, these coats will serve as a representation of the Protege enthusiast that wears them.