Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) Costume Guide in Stranger Things

Eleven Millie Bobby Brown Costume Guide in Stranger Things

Everyone loves watching Stranger Things because it takes the viewers to a world outside the realm of possibility. The thrilling storyline of Stranger Things has entertained the masses. People are in love with every single character of Stranger Things. But if there is one character that stands out the most, it is without a doubt the character of Eleven. She is by far the best character of Stanger Thing. Eleven is the heart and soul of the show. The whole plot of Stranger Things revolves around her. With the extensive list of supernatural abilities she possesses, everyone can become a fan of her. If we talk about what Eleven can do, then we can end out of time, but the list of her abilities will go on. Some of Eleven’s powers include her psychic and preternatural abilities. Today we’ll discuss Eleven’s storyline and her outfits in this costume guide.

Getting To Know Eleven

Eleven, who is played by Millie Bobby Brown, was born Jane Ives. Her name was changed to Jane Hopper after Jim Hopper adopted her. Eleven’s mother, Teresa Ives, also known as “Terry,” was a participant in the CIA’s Project MKUltra experiments. Eleven was born with telekinetic abilities when she was taken away from her mother at birth by Dr. Martin Brenner. She was then kidnapped and was raised as a subject in Hawkins National Laboratory. At the lab, Eleven was tested for the psychokinetic abilities she inherited. She then later escaped the lab and was found by the trio of Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. The trio was stunned when they discovered her abilities, but at the same time, Mike had an idea. He thinks that they can use Eleven’s power to find their missing friend, Will. After that, Eleven and Mike became friends and started liking each other.

The Fashion Statement of Eleven

Stranger Things Eleven Checkered Wool Plaid Jacket front
Stranger Things Eleven Checkered Wool Plaid Jacket front

Apart from all the supernatural abilities and her interesting story, Eleven lives and breathes fashion. She looks good every step of the way. She has worn amazing outfits time and time again throughout the show. Even though the story of the show revolves around her powers, her outfits shined the brightest in the show. Not only did it enhance her stylish look in the show, but it also lit up every scene and brought her character to life. One thing is certain, the appearance of Eleven’s character speaks volumes and breathes a breath of fresh air in terms of style. All of that was possible because of Eleven Stranger Things outfits. These outfits were brilliantly designed by the four costume designers of the show. Malgosia Turzanska, Kim Wilcox, Kimberly Adams-Galligan, and Amy Parris are the designers. We can only thank them for putting their amazing work into designing Eleven’s outfits.

These designers made sure that Jane’s character was the best looking character in the series. That is why they designed each outfit perfectly from top to bottom. Eleven’s outfits not only went along with the show’s theme but also represented her. They showcased the dressing sense that Eleven possesses on top of all the powers she has. Eleven has set the fashion trends with her outfits, and we admire her for doing that. 

Millie Bobby Brown Stranger Things Eleven Outfits Collection

We are in total awe of Eleven’s outfits and Want to offer them to you. After all, her outfits have even managed to enchant the fashion industry. We know that whatever Eleven ends up wearing, it will look good on her. That is why people want to dress like her and get their hands on the outfits that she wore. We can tell you all about her wardrobe secrets and offer those outfits to you. Oskar are launching a collection of Stranger Things costumes that includes all the best Stranger Things Jackets and Stranger Things Coats that you can casually wear this winter to keep yourself warm. We are also offering Stranger Things Blazers that you can wear on formal occasions. If you are not a fan of full-sleeves, then we have an effective, lightweight, and sturdy alternative for you. For that, you can wear our Stranger Things Vests

You can keep yourself warm wearing these vests without giving away the experience of wearing a coat and jacket. If you were inspired by Eleven’s outfits, then take a look at Millie Bobby Brown White Dress. It will, without a doubt, make you look like Eleven. These outwear, including Eleven Stranger Things outfits, are made from the best materials. We have paid attention to every detail and perfectly stitched them with a viscose lining inside. You can wear these outfits without worrying about their quality because they will last years for you. All this Stranger Things clothing style will represent you as a fan of the show. The true fans of Stranger Things might know about every outfit Eleven has worn. But below, we will take a look at some of the outfits that she wore in the show and offer them to you.

Eleven’s Red Hooded Rain Coat

Fans of Stranger Things surely know about this coat. This Rain Coat was worn by Eleven in the third episode of the third season titled “Chapter Three: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard.” We can tell you that you are not the only one that is in love with this coat. Eleven wore this coat when she went out looking for Billy along with her friend Max. This coat looked stunning on Eleven and protected her from the rain. This Eleven-inspired coat is made from the best PU leather material and has a viscose lining inside to keep you warm. This coat is decorated on the front with a premium quality YYK zipper for closure, giving you multiple ways to wear it. The coat is designed with stylish features like a hooded collar and fitted waistline to make it more appealing.

This coat is very beneficial in so many ways. It not only protects you during heavy rainfall but also has some useful features as well. This Eleven season 3 coat has full-length sleeves fitted with high-quality open-hem cuffs to protect your arms. In addition, its two outer pockets and two inner pockets will come in handy to store your small belongings. You can wear this coat to stay safe from getting wet during rain. Nonetheless, this coat bears the exact same resemblance to the coat that Eleven wore in Stranger Things. You can casually wear this coat like Eleven or style it yourself.

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