Wear Something Bold and Charm Like the Peacoats


A great pair of jeans is a necessity in every man’s wardrobe. Shirts, ties, shoes, and sneakers are too. But what about the timeless outerwear known as the Peacoats? It’s a popular attire for the common person’s fall/winter wardrobe. It’s a classic winter coat that is warm yet stylish, adding a touch of class to any outfit. The peacoat style has been around since the 16th century, and it is still the favorite coat when it comes to staying warm during chilly winter walks from deck to dock.

What Is A Peacoat

The peacoat is a woolen coat that has length till the hips, and it has a double-breasted button style with a tall collar and wide lapels. It also includes large buttons at the coat’s front and slant pockets. Over the years, the features are not changed much with the peacoat. It’s one piece of outfit that was perfection personified; it didn’t require any changes or refinement.

History of the PeaCoat

This stylish yet practical winter coat was first introduced during the 16th century by the Dutch Navy. These coats were designed to keep the sailors warm while at sea, even during severe weather conditions. The wide collar style is made to protect them from the cold. The double-breasted design style was not just for keeping the sailors warm; it helped prevent them from chafing when they climbed up the ship’s rigging. The short length made it convenient for them to stay mobile while moving around the ship as they performed different tasks. And the large buttons make them easy to grasp.

By the 18th century, this jacket was made the regular part of the uniform in the British Royal Navy. In the 19th century, it also became part of the US Navy’s military wear. While the history of peacoats belongs to the navy persons, it has become a wish for everymen to wear the casual winter coat of their choice, whether they’re a sea person. The question now is, should you?

Melody Prescott Yellowstone Pink Wool Coat Front

Why wear a pea coat?

Fashionable and practical. This is the simple motto of a peacoat. It provides the ultimate cold weather protection while giving making you stylish. Moreover, the quality of the wool makes the wool peacoat a durable and lifetime coat. It can easily last for decades. As a bonus, wool is the protective material which means your peacoat can keep you protected even if you have to run through a fire either on land or at sea.

Apart from protection, the peacoat adds a specific style to any outfit, making your casual look more sober, enabling you to switch from work to weekend attire in no time. In short, a peacoat is a perfect attire in the jacket-wearing weather, no matter the occasion, because it’s beautifully versatile.

Peacoats come in different varieties. mens Peacoat and womens Peacoat are always available to fulfill both genders’ fashion & practical needs. Those who love wearing short coats can opt for a peacoat jacket.

In this article, we will provide you details about different trending peacoats available, which will help you buy the perfect peacoat for your wardrobe. Let’s start things rolling further.

Clive Standen Taken Black Wool Peacoat

Stylish and classy actor Clive Standen wears this rocking Clive Standen Taken Black Wool Peacoat in the TV series Taken. He portrays Bryan Mills, a former CIA agent, going to take revenge on his enemies after a tragic incident that changes his life entirely. Clive Standen TV Series Taken Bryan Mills Black Wool Double Breasted Peacoat is a perfect mens Peacoat with great design details. It is a Nicely Stitched Medium-Length Coat made from Finest Quality Wool Stuff. The black color looks stunning. This rough and tough coat will enhance your persona as a macho man. Moreover, it has a Fitted Waistline, Smart Open Hem Cuffs, and Wide Lapel Collar Design, adding value to this fantastic peacoat.

Rory McCallan The Last Letter From Your Lover Peacoat

Suppose you are looking for a peacoat jacket, then go for this superb Rory McCallan The Last Letter From Your Lover Peacoat. It was worn by the actor Nabhaan Rizwan in the movie The last love letter from your lover. He played the lead actor and portrayed the role of Rory McCallan, a journalist who, after finding the love letters from 1965, sets out to find out what happens to the people who wrote them. 

Rory McCallan Film The Last Letter From Your Lover Nabhaan Rizwan Peacoat is a trending peacoat that will be a great addition to your wardrobe. It has some excellent design specifications. This coat includes a lapel collar, front button style closure, and round cuffs. It will be a perfect peacoat for you and will help in boosting confidence and adding to your looks and appeal. 

General Hospital Sandra Dee Robinson Grey Wool Peacoat

We have brought the most amazing General Hospital Sandra Dee Robinson Grey Wool Peacoat for all beautiful women for you. Sandra Dee, the popular actress, joined the famous soap opera TV Series General Hospital cast. She played the challenging role of Felicia Scorpio in the series. The fans still remember her acting and style sense. General Hospital Sandra Dee Robinson Grey Wool Peacoat is one example of elegance and class. She carried it perfectly, and the audience loved it.

Felicia Scorpio Wool Peacoat is made of wool, making it warm for the user. It is a womens long peacoat which has class written all over it. Its buttoned front closure looks very elegant and stylish. Furthermore, its added feature includes multiple pockets, full-length sleeves, and lapel-style color. Felicia Scorpio Peacoat with a scarf can be a killer combination. It is available in Grey color, which looks chic. This coat is in high demand and can be ordered from our online shopping store.

Manifest Melissa Roxburgh Black Wool Peacoat

Manifest Melissa Roxburgh Black Wool Peacoat is the remake of Michaela’s coat from the Manifest TV series. She is one of the passengers on Flight 828 in the series. It was a successful tv series, and the audience loved it.

The Manifest Michaela Stone Black Peacoat is one of the beautiful attire Michaela wore in the series. It is made of high-quality wool that makes you warm and pleasant. Moreover, it features a lapel-style collar, buttoned cuffs, and a front double-breasted button closure. All attributes make it a perfect peacoat for womens.


In this guide, we share peacoats’ origin and a few trending peacoats from the fashion scene. Follow our guide and make a style statement with these fantastic peacoats.